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ايكو فلو ديلتا ماكس محطة كهرباء محمولة 2016 واط/2400 واط – أسود



  • Expandable Capacity
  • Dual Charging
  • Power Multiple Devices
  • 800W max Solar Input

760.000 د.ك


ايكو فلو ديلتا ماكس محطة كهرباء محمولة 2016 واط/2400 واط – أسود

With DELTA Max’s flexible 6kWh capacity, optional solar panels, dual charging and the capability to power multiple appliances, you can keep the power on no matter what.

  • Your home safety net With up to 6kWh capacity, DELTA Max can expand with additional smart batteries. Rest assured knowing you’ll have power in the case of an emergency.
  • Fast dual charging Through using both AC charging and the EcoFlow Smart Generator you can experience charging speeds of up to 3600W. Charge your DELTA Max from 0-80% in just 1 hour.
  • Power numerous devices & appliances Whether it’s power for your fridge, microwave or both, thanks to X-Boost technology DELTA Max can handle home appliances up to 3000W with ease.
  • Go green Keep charged using EcoFlow’s collection of solar panels. Connect up to two 400W solar panels to achieve a staggering 800w solar charging speed.

An expandable safety net.
Perfect for home backup, DELTA Max’s flexible capacity allows it to expand from 2kWh to 6kWh. Simply connect additional DELTA Max smart batteries and be prepared for future power cuts.

Fast & seamless dual charging.
Go from 0-80% with a rapid charge time in just 1 hour. Still not fast enough? For more speed, you can combine charging options from an AC wall socket and the Smart Generator, an AC wall socket and solar panels to the Smart Generator and solar panels.

Power just about anything.
Whether it’s a long lasting power outage or you just need additional power for the outdoors, EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology gives DELTA Max the ability to power appliances up to 3000W.

Industry-leading solar charging speeds.
To get a 800W solar charging speed, connect two 400w EcoFlow solar panels to your DELTA Max. Got a solar panel with an MC4 connector that isn’t from EcoFlow? No problem. With a supported voltage range of 11-100V, you can connect third-party solar panels too.

Reliable emergency backup.
The EcoFlow Smart Generator provides you with a reliable power source that works seamlessly with your DELTA Max in the event of a power cut. Once your DELTA Max runs low it will begin to recharge the unit. Once you reach 100%, the Smart Generator will automatically shut down. This gives you the perfect backup plan for when the power goes out.

Energy made easy.
With the EcoFlow mobile app, manage your DELTA Max and analyse your energy usage within a few taps.

Multiple ways to charge.
There are multiple ways to charge DELTA Max wherever you are. If you’re at home, plug into an AC wall outlet or solar panels. If you’re out and about, charge DELTA Max in your car or use solar panels if you’ve set up camp. In extreme emergencies during power outages, connect the DELTA Max to the Smart Generator for a last-standing power source.

Solar ChargingAC ChargingSmart GeneratorCar Charging

Inside the box

2.AC Charging Cable
3.Car Charging Cable
4.Solar Charging Cable
5.DC5521 to DC5525 cable
6.User Manual

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