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Flaem Olly Warm Steam Vaporizer



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Flaem Olly Warm Steam Vaporizer, Olly Humidifier

  • Olly Humidifier is a hot-steam room humidifier generating a sterile vapour (100°C) representing a valid solution for the whole family.
  • It is easy to use and clean, silent and safe thanks to its innovative cooling system assuring a steam temperature of appx.50°C being released in the room, so preventing any danger of burn.
  • It can operate up to 24 hours without refilling and it can be used to vaporise balsamic fragrances in the air thanks to the aromatic essence container.
  • Hot-steam humidifier spreading sterile steam, for an easy use and maintenance. Pre-cooling system: steam is spread into the environment at 50° temperature, to protect user against skin burns.
  • Hot-steam technology grants the possibility to vaporize essential oils for a healthier home-environment.
  • Suitable for environments up to 25 sqm.
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