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شاومي مروحة برو ستاند سمارت


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شاومي مروحة برو ستاند سمارت

24W Power – Air volume 23,1m³ / min – Super quiet 26,6dB – Adjustable head 39º up and down – Pendulum swing up to 140º – Wi-Fi connection – APP Mi Home – Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

Sweat, sticky skin, drop in blood pressure… Summer arrives and once again we are faced with unbearable heat. We want to be comfortable at home, but it is quite difficult when it is too hot. That’s why we bring you the Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro, a smart fan that will make your life much easier. Let’s discover it!

7 blades imitating natural air currents
As we said, the Xiaomi fan has a simple and sleek design. It has been created to provide a cool breeze that is quite pleasant and natural. In fact, you won’t notice any difference between the air from your Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro and the wind coming through the window at your beach house. This is possible thanks to its seven custom-made blades, which guarantee a smooth airflow yet can reach up to 14 metres. The air speed also varies so you don’t get stressed out or tired.

Multiple settings to suit you
And now, to be totally at ease, you can adjust the airflow according to your cooling needs, the maximum being 23.1m3 /min. It has four pendulum angles (30, 60, 90 and 140 degrees) so that the air reaches everybody. And you can even tilt its head up and down by 39 degrees, no matter if you are lying or standing while using it.

The quietest smart fan
As you can see, this Standing Fan Pro by Xiaomi is designed so that you can sleep soundly without being disturbed by anything or anyone. Neither the heat, nor the touch of the wind, nor the noise. In fact, it’s one of the quietest fans on the market, with a minimum noise level of 26.6 dB.

Lithium battery and magnetic charge
Best of all is , though, the Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro comes with a 33.6Wh lithium battery, a feature that will allow us to use our fan where there is no access to mains power, such as the porch or garden. Its maximum battery life reaches 18 hours* on level 1, while on level 4 it can reach 2.7 hours*. Once it runs out, you can benefit from the convenience of magnetic charging.

*NOTE: Battery life times provided by the brand. These results have been obtained in a laboratory and are subject to conditions of use and may vary depending on the conditions of use.

Control it from your smartphone
But… why do we say this is a smart fan? Easy. In addition to the buttons, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro can be controlled via our smartphone. Just download the Xiaomi Mi Home APP (Android and IOS) and connect it to Wi-Fi. You don’t have to move from your bed or sofa to turn it on, turn it off, control power levels, and more.

And, even easier for you: it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa so you can use it in conjunction with smart speakers and other devices that have this functionality. A must-have fan for technology lovers has already arrived at PowerPlanetOnline.

Technical specifications Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro:

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: My Smart Standing Fan Pro (ZLBPSP01XY)
  • P / N: PYV4009GL
  • Air volume: 23,1m³ / min
  • Noise (min): 26.6dB (A)
  • Nominal frequency: 50Hz
  • Nominal voltage: 220V
  • Nominal power: 24W
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
  • Dimensions: 950 × 343 × 330 mm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg

Package Contents Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro:

  • 1 x Motor + Pillar
  • 1 x fan module
  • 1 x Foot
  • 1 x Bag of Screws
  • 1 x Cable
  • 1 x User Manual