Baseus Cafule HW Quick Charging Data Cable – Gold/Blue


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  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro 40W Super Quick Charge
  • 5A Super Quick Charge
  • Support QC3.0 Quick charge
  • Thin double-sided USB insertion
  • Stitching-hit color design
  • High-density braided wire


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Baseus Cafule HW Quick Charging Data Cable, USB Double-sided Blind Interpolation For Type-C 40W 1m – Gold/Blue

Possibly one of the most beautiful looking cables out there – this 1M long blue and gold double entry USB-A to USB-C flash charging cable is as aesthetically pleasing as a cable can get.

It’s all very well to have an attractive cable, but how does it fair in terms of functionality and durability?

This cable supports 5W Huawei super quick charging, 40W flash charging (Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro) and QC 3.0 fast charging. It is important however to remember to use the cable with an appropriate quick charging adapter to maximise charging speeds. You can expect a 70% charge in approximately 30 minutes (as tested in Baseus laboratory).

It’s internal construction feautures 292 extra wide premium grade copper wires to provide maximum high efficiency transmission. Charging and data transmission (480Mbps) can be achieved simultaneously.

The USB-A connector is a specially designed thin, blind mating connector which can be inserted either way. This is super convenient when needing to find a USB socket in poor lighting or when the port is shielded from view.

Constructed from high density tight wear resistant weave this cable is designed to last. In addition, lengthened and reinforced SR connectors at either end are designed to be resistant to cracking.

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