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BLACK+DECKER 56 Pieces Ratchet Screwdriver Set A7104


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BLACK+DECKER 56 Pieces Ratchet Screwdriver Set A7104, Orange/Black – A7104-XJ, 2 Years Warranty

Since 1910, Black+Decker Has Been Setting The Standard For Innovation And Design Of Power Tools, Outdoor Yard Care Equipment, And Home Products. The Inventor Of The First Portable Electric Drill With Pistol Grip And Trigger Switch, Black+Decker Has Evolved From A Small Machine Shop In Baltimore, Maryland To A Global Manufacturing Powerhouse With A Broad Line Of Quality Products Used In And Around The Home. When Home Owners Have Work To Get Done, They Trust That Black+Decker S Products Will Do The Job Efficiently And Reliably. Screwdriver Set Consisting Of 56 Parts ,Screwdriver Bits, Socket Wrenches. The Whole Thing Is Packaged In A Convenient Zipper Pouch. 56 Pieces – Perfect For Screw Driving And Fastening Included Ratchet Screwdriver Product Description 51 Piece Bit Set, Ratchet Handle, In Soft Case- Types Of 25Mm Bits: Phillips ,Ph., Pozidriv ,Pz, Torx ,T, A Longitudinal Slot ,Ls, Hexagonal Groove ,Is Types Of 49Mm Bits: Phillips ,Ph., Pozidriv ,Pz, A Longitudinal Slot ,Ls Wrenches Key Sizes M 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12

  • Phillips Bits: These screwdriver bits assist in handling screws of the Phillips (PH) system. They have an X-shaped drive head that fits into similarly shaped screw heads.
  • Slot Bits: Slot (SL) screwdriver bits are extremely versatile. They can be used to handle fasteners of different shapes and sizes. They provide significant leverage.
  • Torx Bits: Torx (TX) screw drivers, allow you to torque the screw in place more than it is normally possible. It can resist damage upon itself or the screws due to the applied force.
  • Pozidriv Bits: The Pozidriv (PZ) bits fasten the screws in their place with less chances of slipping. It provides greater surface contact between the driver and the screw head.
  • Hex Bits: These driver bits can be used to drive screws with hexagonal sockets on their heads. They protect the screws or bolts from external damage. They offer six pressure points to work more efficiently
  • Sockets: The sockets can be attached to a ratchet or a wrench to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts and other such fasteners. They can be commonly used for automotive applications.
  • Hand Ratchet with Magnetic Holder: The hand ratchet screw driver makes driving or removing screws and bolts faster, quicker and more efficient. Along with the magnetic holder, you may keep the screws in place or pick them up easily.
  • Storage Pouch: This tool kit comes packed in a compact carry pouch with designated slots to hold each item. The pouch helps in keeping the complete set organized and acts as a storage case when not in use.


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