BOSE Polarized Sport Replacement Sunglass Lenses – Trail Blue




  • Interchangeable polarized lenses
  • Trail Blue (Polarized)
  • Shatter and Scratch Resistant
  • Extended Length
  • Intuitive Design



BOSE Polarized Sport Replacement Sunglass Lenses, Lens Width: 65 mm – Trail Blue

Ideal for trail running and mountain biking, Trail Blue (VLT 28%) interchangeable sport lenses are specially designed for the medium- to low-light, uneven terrain of shaded trails. Lenses are polarized, featuring a special color-enhancing tint that sharpens details and reduces glare, and block up to 99% of harmful UVA/B rays. Plus, with an extended 3 mm length, the aerodynamic, curved lenses better protect you from dirt and debris. Interchange in seconds with an intuitive slide-and-lock design.

  • Interchangeable polarized lenses — Optimize your Bose Frames Tempo style for different terrain and lighting conditions with interchangeable polarized lenses that block up to 99% of UVA/B rays.
  • Trail Blue (Polarized) — Medium- to low-light lenses (VLT 28%), ideal for trail running and mountain biking. Reduces bright light and sharpens details in uneven terrain. VLT 28%.
  • Shatter- and scratch-resistant — Polarized lenses made from polycarbonate to ensure their durability.
  • Extended length — Lenses have 3 mm extended length to help protect from wind and debris.
  • Intuitive design — A slide-and-lock design allows you to easily switch your lenses

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