Cellularline Handy Wing Pro Slide Universal Car Smartphone Holder – Black





Cellularline Handy Wing Pro Slide Universal Car Smartphone Holder, In-Car Smartphone Holder for Ventilation Flaps – Black

SLIDE is the in-car holder that wraps around your smartphone on three sides, making it easy to use and holding it firmly in place while you drive. The holder automatically opens and closes with the smartphone’s weight so you can quickly and simply put it in and take it out. With its retractable design, the holder becomes compact when not being used so that it better blends in with the passenger compartment interior. Complete with an air vent mounting system, Slide is the ideal holder to keep your smartphone always within reach.

  • IN-CAR FASTENING: with a hook on the air vents, excluding certain types of round vents
  • The pack includes: In-car smartphone holder, Instructions
  • Wraparound and swift: the holder opens and closes automatically with the weight of your smartphone
  • Support Type: Air vents

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