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CHOETECH MagLeap Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 15W T200-F – Black



  • Magnetic Charging
  • 360 Degree Fully Adjustable
  • Integrated Cable
  • Smart Safety System

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CHOETECH MagLeap Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 15W, Car Magnetic Mount Inductive Qi Charger 15W (MagSafe Compatible) T200-F – Black

When traveling by car, you probably know very well that the search for the perfect holder and charger cable can be extremely tedious. It is not always possible to adjust the right equipment to the size of the phone, and often it is also necessary to remove the additional cover so that it fits into the holder. These problems will disappear if you choose a product from Choetech.

  • Can be charged without removing the case
  • Perfect for longer routes
  • Compact dimensions of the gadget
  • Conveniently mounted in the ventilation grille
  • Modern design

Universal solution for the phone

Being on a long car trip, the most common problem is a flat phone. Usually this is due to the fact that you are using navigation or making calls using a hands-free kit. The solution to this problem is the induction charger from Choetech. Connected to a standard 12V / 24V car socket, it is also used as a charger and a magnetic holder. Choosing one device gives you two options.

Quick and easy mounting of the magnetic charger

The method of mounting the Choetech magnetic charger is extremely simple. The set includes a special tip that has been adapted to the car’s ventilation grille. It is so universal that you can easily adjust it to any vehicle. The clamp is strong, it prevents it from moving while driving – even when starting suddenly or braking. In addition, the tip to which the phone is attached is movable, which allows you to set any chosen angle.

A modern magnetic gadget

The equipment is extremely practical. After it is mounted in the vehicle’s air vent, all you have to do is bring the phone close enough for the magnet to attract it. Contrary to other solutions, the magnet used in this model is so strong that you do not have to remove the additional cover from your phone each time. Effectively holds the smartphone in one position. You don’t have to worry that when you drive into the hole, it will detach from the charger.


Brand: Choetech
Type: Car charger
Charge method: Inductive
Mounting method: For car vent
The method of fixing the phone: Strong magnet
Possibility of setting: Vertical or in any angle (full range 360 °)
Power: 15 W
Connection: 12V / 24V socket

Set contains:

1x car charger

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