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Xiaomi Mi Home Air Purifier 2H




Mi Air Purifier 2

10 minutes to clean air in a room
Performance reaches 330m3/h

Mi Air Purifier 2 has many advantages, including high efficiency, quiet and pleasant work of the device, concise and aesthetic style that will suit any interior. As a result of optimization, Mi Air Purifier 2 has an updated system of air flow, CARD performance of 330m3/h. Thus, Mi Air Purifier 2 has higher performance, but its volume compared with Mi Air Purifier previous generation, decreased by 40%. Cleaning efficiency is also affected by squaring of room. For example, for one large circle for circulation of air in the living room of 23 m2, air cleaner took 10 minutes. Just a few minutes, and your room is filled with fresh and clean air. Feel the comfort, convenience and safety in your home.



Xiaomi Mi Home Air Purifier 2H EU

Simple and beautiful

  • Reduced volume by 40%
  • CARD performance of 330m3/h
  • Removal of 99.7% of small particles PM 2.5 (per hour)

Updated air flow system
Every corner of your room filled with clean air

Researching technology of aircraft engines work, our engineers also had an idea to create a small for the size, but powerful system of air flow. After pressing “Start / Power” button starts immediately absorption of air in the room and its cleaning with high-quality filter. First, flow of air is directed up towards the ceiling, then “spreads” on walls and scattered on all sides of the room, thus creating a large cycle of circulating air. Returning home, run on your mobile application and enable super powerful mode for the fastest air purification.

  • Standard mode
    CARD capacity up to 330m3/h
  • Super Powerful mode
    CARD capacity up to 388m3/h

Highly effective cleaning of filter cartridges for 3600, a three-layer cleaning

Air cleaning not only depends on the power system of the device, the main part in cleaning process is a high efficiency filter. So we abandoned the traditional low-efficiency filters and ordered production of barrel-shaped filter cartridge for 3600 with a three-layer cleaning from an American company, which is among three leading suppliers of filters for air purifiers. First filter mesh removes larger particles from the air, such as hair, dust etc. Second layer of the HEPA filter of class H11 Torey from the Japanese company, which filters to 99.5% PM 0.3-0.5, microparticles size 0.3 microns and pathogenic bacteria. High-quality activated carbon adsorbs formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and effectively removes bad smell. When lifetime of filter cartridge ends, your smartphone will receive automatic reminder, then, with one click, you can order a new filter.

Office 10m2
Large cycle of circulating air in 6 minutes

Recently made repairs and feel strange odor and discomfort in the throat? Mi Air Purifier2 is able to clean air from particles of formaldehyde, a variety of chemical pollutants and odors from tobacco, so you could easily work in your office.

Bedroom 16m2
Large cycle of circulating air in 7 minutes

Carbon dioxide, ammonia and other harmful substances have a huge negative impact on human health, particularly on quality of sleep. Switch on sleep mode and air purifier will run in silent mode, clearing the air from different harmful elements. Therefore, when waking up in the morning, you will forget about headaches, lack of sleep and poor health.

Living room 23m2
Large cycle of circulating air in 10 minutes

We all spend a lot of time in the living room, lying on the couch. Adjust settings in your phone according to the quadrature of the room, and then the air cleaner will quickly and effectively remove PM 2.5, light dust from the air conditioner, pathogenic bacteria, pet hairs. Even in the room while eating chinese soup with a particular strong smell, do not worry, because Mi Air Purifier2 quickly absorbs odors.

Children room 7m2
Large cycle of circulating air in 3 minutes

We always try to give our children the best of everything. Mi Air Purifier2 quickly fills children room with clean air. Quiet Operation — 31 decibels. Air cleaner, as well as you, quietly and unobtrusively protects and will protect health of your child.

Remote control in your smartphone
Demonstration of air quality in your house

Using Wifi, connect smartphone to the air cleaner, using Mi Smart House App, even while away from home, test the air quality at your home, as well as adjust mode of operation of the device. Moreover, Mi Air Purifier2 is learning your habits — before you go to sleep, it automatically goes into sleep mode and turns off automatically if you leave. Available temperature sensors and humidity level, for a more comfortable atmosphere in the apartment, clean air and visualization of its quality.

Quieter and more economical

Careful design of every detail, through which air flows. Since, according to laws of aerodynamics, with a fast and smooth cross of air drag force is reduced, and contributes to noise reduction. Noise level of 31 dB in sleep mode, you can hardly understand if the air cleaner still works. Mi Air Purifier equipped with “smart” brushless electric motor from the world famous Japanese company NIDEC, power consumption is reduced by 58%, and is only 4.8W, which is even lower power consumption of energy-saving lamps.

Aerodynamic design that will suit any room

How to reduce volume of the air cleaner, but at the same time maintain its high performance?

Researching technology of aircraft engines work, our engineers also had an idea to create a small for the size, but powerful system of air flow. As a result of optimization, Mi Air Purifier2 has an updated system of air flow, CARD performance of 330m3/h. Selection of the DC motor Nidec, stepless adjustment of speed of differential. Now, after pressing “Start / Power” button starts immediately absorption of pollution and spread of clean air in all rooms. Elegant, sleek design of Mi Air Purifier2 is suitable for any interior. Use your smartphone to adjust speed of air circulation according to space of the room, ensure fast and high quality air purification in your home.

Updated system of air flow

Axial-flow fan

Increased speed of air as a result of which the circulation of clean air is dispersed evenly on all sides by 3600.

Brushless electric motor

Currently, “smart” brushless electric motor is the best kind of motor from the world-renowned Japanese company NIDEC. The inner ring drive facilitates smooth regulation of speed, so duration of operation of brushless electric motor is twice longer.

Fan Wheel

Unique two-layer structure of impeller with 9 blades that increases air pressure and even distribution across the room. Polluted air from the farthest corners of the room is absorbed by air cleaner, cleaned and thrown back into the room.

4 independent tapered air duct

Modified cones and gradually diminishing channels. Using a three-star plastic from the producer in South Korea, a streamlined air duct curvature is more favorable terrain for air.

Highly effective cleaning of filter cartridge, three-layer treatment

Order for production of barrel-shaped filter cartridge for 3600 with a three-layer cleaning. Filter mesh, class H11 HEPA filter from the Japanese company Torey and mesh with high-quality activated carbon. Filters up to 99.5% PM 0.3-0.5, cleaning up 99.7% of small particles PM 2.5.

Large cycle of circulation for 3600
CARD performance of 330m3/h

  • Standard mode
    CARD capacity up to 330m3/h
  • Super Powerful mode
    CARD capacity up to 388m3/h

Engineers have developed and modeled air flow path, according to laws of aerodynamics, leading to optimization of the air cleaner. By reducing the air resistance increases its pressure and, consequently, increases the amount of absorbed and outgoing air. Clean air quickly goes up to the ceiling, and then scattered on all sides, falling down to where it absorbs the air cleaner again. Returning home, use your smartphone to turn on the maximum mode of the device, performance of which reaches 388m3/h.

Effective cleaning of major air pollutants

  • PM2.5 99.7% (1 hour)
  • 100% dust, hair and other large particles
  • 99.5% RM 0.3 — 0.5
  • 99.99% pollen

Careful design of every detail

Each item has an effect on air permeability. Special processing of lattice and edges of blades to reduce the effect of air resistance during its pass through each element.


Lattice coincides with the direction of air and distributes it uniformly prior to entering the fan. The rounded design reduces resistance and lowers the noise.

Balance of power

Before leaving the factory, air blades are tested for dynamic balancing and high-speed rotation, which provide stable and accurate operation.

Parallel Design

Synchronous operation of upper and lower blades for a smooth and rapid flow of air permeability.

Air quality sensor

Japanese high quality sensor from a supplier that in real time can produce control for presence of airborne particles PM 2.5.

Clearing the air, silent operation of air cleaner

Our designers abandoned complex functional buttons of different bright indicators, which served as a decoration for device. The only plain light on Mi Air Purifier2 is located 7.5cm from the floor. Reading a book or relaxing in bed, this light will not disturb you. Mi Air Purifierequipped with “smart” brushless electric motor from the world famous Japanese company NIDEC, power consumption is reduced by 58%, and is only 4.8W, which is even lower power consumption of energy-saving lamps.

Improved parts of the ventilation duct resulted in noise reduction, compared to the previous generation of the air cleaner. Now, noise level reaches 31 decibels, so you can hardly hear the sound of the device, but only feel it. Breathe in fresh air and forget about any disturbances.

Consumption decreased by 58% and is only 4.8W, that does not even reach 0.12 kw / h.

Area occupied by Mi Air Purifier2, is less than the size of a sheet of A4
Carry an air cleaner, holding it in one hand

Reliable, great component suppliers

Canon, Epson, Brother are using the same basic part of professional suppliers of OEM-manufacturers.

  • Supplier of plastic and rubber — Samsung
    The international provider of advanced electronic industry
  • Supplier of plastic — LG Chem
    The international leading supplier of components for electronics industry
  • Supplier of switchers Honeywell
    The international leader in the development and production segment of automation technology
  • Supplier of terminals, clips — JST
    Japan’s first manufacturer of clips and terminals
  • Supplier of brushless motors — Nidec
    The world’s first manufacturer of brushless motors
  • Supplier of sensors — Japanese company Sensirion
    Leading supplier of high-quality and highly sensitive sensors
  • Supplier of screws — Lock
    Supplier for Apple
  • Supplier of filter cartridges — the Japanese company Toray
    Leading company in chemical industry

Barrel-shaped filter cartridge
Three-layer cleaning

To achieve high quality air purification, we decided to optimize our filter, which consists of a filter mesh, class H11 HEPA filter from the Japanese company Torey and meshes with a high quality activated charcoal. It is able to filter out pollen and other micro-particles size 0.3 microns. Quality treatment 99.7% of PM 2.5 microparticles in just one hour. Visualization function of air condition, calm use of the device and simple replacement of filters.

Multi-layer air purification from harmful substances

Filter grid — first level

  • Clears from large particles
  • Dust — dust and vapor adsorption
  • Small particles — a little pollen from lightweight as sawdust, paper dust, etc.
  • Flocculent precipitate — vegetable fibers, such as fluff willow, cotton and other particles
  • Hair — human hair and animal fur

High-quality HEPA filter class H11

Absorption of small hard particles

  • PM2.5
    Filtering up to 99.7%
  • PM0.3 ~ 0,5
    Filtration up to 99.5%
  • Pollen
    Filtering up to 99.99%

High-quality activated carbon filter


  • Ammonia
  • Three-methylindole
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Indole


  • Trimethylamine
  • Methyl mercaptan
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Ethane


  • Formaldehyde
  • Ammonia
  • Radon
  • TVOC

A continuous stream of clean air

Primary filter mesh PET fibers (material), which holds macrobead

The outer layer of PET fibers (containing polyether) stronger than all other filter materials in 3-5 times. It is resistant to oils, greases, acids, dilute alkali, to most solvents and other substances. High-quality filtering grid for 3600 holds dust, wool and other materials.

High-quality multi-layer HEPA filter class H11
Cleaning up 99.5% of small particles PM 0.3-0.5

Second layer of filter is able to filter out small material the size of a 0.1 microns. Material from which filter is made from is widely used in hospitals and laboratories. Mi Air Purifier2 uses a HEPA filter of class H11 from the Japanese company Torey. It is made of high quality material and high-density mesh filter, which absorbs all harmful particles PM2.5, PM0.3 as well as dust and other microparticles. This multi-layer mesh is also able to reduce air resistance, which contributes to its better patency. Efficient clearing PM0.3 99.5% — 0.5.

  • Strong pressure, every curve is even sharper
  • Similarly, calculated interval between each bend
  • Determination by laser of space for adhesive substances

High-quality activated carbon filter
Absorbs odors and formaldehyde

Using high-quality cylindrical carbon that has a large specific surface area, pore structure, strong absorptive capacity and other advantages that distinguish it from conventional activated carbon. High level of absorption and high clearance. Specific surface area is the size of a full 29.4 football fields. Does not pass harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and other gaseous contaminants.

Replace the filter in just 10 seconds

In conventional integrated filters useful life of each filter screen is different, so their replacement is difficult enough. By remove the filter grid, you accidently can release accumulated dust and other elements that will lead to the secondary air pollution. To replace our three-layer filter cartridge, you only need to open the back cover and, applying minimal force, remove the old and put a new filter.

Remind mode
On the expiration period, order a new filter with home delivery in one click

The longer you use the same filter, the lower its performance. If you will not replace the filter for a long time, it will not only cease to clean the air, but also can create secondary pollution. Even if you wash it with water or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, we can not guarantee that each layer of the filter is clean enough.

We recommend that you change the filter approximately every 4-6 months. Given the time of use of gadget, MI air cleaner can notify you via a mobile app when you need to replace the filter. In application, you can press button to order filter and deliver it to your home.

  • Reminder to replace filter
  • Replace filter every 4-6 months
  • Order a new filter in one click

Strong absorption of harmful substances

In addition to improved filter layer to clean the air of formaldehyde, air cleaner also has a high-quality three-layer mesh filter. It was originally existing components to which added a catalyst that promotes a more powerful adsorption of ultra small toxic substances. A more powerful and efficient absorption of PM 2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful elements that are presented in your home. This is especially true for premises in which repairs is taken place.

Remote control of the air cleaner

All information on the state of air quality in your smartphone

When there is thick smog on the street, Mi Air Purifier 2 is automatically activated at the scheduled time, so when you return home, your room will be filled with fresh air. Thus, this seemingly insignificant but practical function suggests that our air cleaner is always thinking about you.

Now you, in real time, can go run a mobile application and check air quality in your home. Set the required speed of air purification, according to the area of the room. A striking fact is that our air cleaner is able to learn and adapt to your habits. According to your daily routine, Mi Air Purifier 2 is automatically switched off or switches to air purification. Another Mi Air Purifier 2 has a humidity sensor, results of which will help to re-create a full picture of the air quality in your home.

Mi Smart Home App is designed for smart phones with a version of Android / IOS

  • Mode change
  • Power On / Off
  • Buying a new filter
  • Smooth shifting gears
  • Smart learning

Run application at any time

To check the air quality in your home

National Directorate of Meteorology provides daily information on weather conditions, which we can see at any time. At the same time you can also keep track of the process of cleaning air in your home.

Smart learning

Gradual learning of your habits

After you go to work in the morning, Mi Air Purifier 2 is automatically switched off. Before going to bed — automatically goes into sleep mode. According to your habits, air can store schedule and subsequently to work in this mode every day. No need to think specifically about when to turn it off, switch the mode, since Mi Air Purifier 2 does it itself. The longer you live with the air cleaner, the better you know each other.

7:40 am

“In the new day with renewed vigor” air cleaner is automatically switched off. No more to worry about and to remember whether you have switched it off. Get to work with a light head!


“Welcome home” air purifier is automatically activated. Now it does not need a manual control.

11:45 pm

“Good night” — according to your daily routine, the air cleaner automatically switches to sleep mode.

Favorite Mode: set the air flow rate according to the area of your room

Each room needs the air cleaner, but the area of each of them is different from each other, and thus the air flow rate must also be different. Favorite mode allows, according to the area of the room, adjust settings of Mi Air Purifier 2 for the most effective air purification. Let every room of your house be filled with fresh and clean air.

Temperature and humidity sensor

We have equipped Mi Air Purifier 2 with humidity and temperature sensor, so now you can view the data on your smartphone. Automatic comparison of all indicators that provide maximum comfort. For example, if humidity is low, the app will show you that the air is too dry, and then, depending on the need, you will be able to moisten the air. Thus, you reach the optimum condition of the air in your home.

At this point, it is supported only with the version of smartphones Android / IOS

A reminder of good weather

We can not say that Mi Air Purifier 2 is focused only on the contaminated air. You no longer have to bother about the issue of air pollution index in the street and think whether to open the window. According to data provided by the National Meteorological Administration, and after its analysis, air cleaner will give you recommendations. If it’s a thick mist and fog, you will receive a reminder that it is better to switch on the air cleaner. If it is a nice weather on the street, application Mi Smart Home will advise to open a window to ventilate the room.

Reminder to replace filter

Buying a new filter in one click

Enjoying clean and fresh air — it’s not a very troublesome thing. Same we can say about replacement of the filter. Most conventional air cleaners makes filter replacement as a serious difficulty. In our case, your smartphone will be notified on the need to change filter, where you also have the opportunity to order a new filter cartridge with home delivery.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Type Air purifier
Cleaning method Mechanical filtration and adsorption
Filter type PET primary filter, HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter, activated carbon adsorption filter
Purification capacity 330m³/h
Purification efficiency – 100% — large particles
– 99,3% — particles to 0.3 micrometre
– 99,99% — particles to 2,5 micrometre
– 91% — formaldehyde and other harmful substances
Recommended effective area 23m²~39m²
Smart modules – Wi-Fi module 802.11b/g/n
– Air quality sensor
– Temperature and humidity sensor
Power consumption 1.5W~75W
AC 100V~220V 50/60Hz
Noise level 31dB
Smartphone remote control +
Dimensions 240 x 240 x 520 mm
Weight about 4.8kg (with filter)

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