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Xiaomi Mi Home Air Purifier Pro




Mi Air Purifier Pro is a culmination of the entire previous purification tech Xiaomi did into one easy to use product. It will make your home healthier as it holds a high-precision laser to detect the smallest pollutants, boards one of the sharpest OLED displays you have ever seen, has one of the best Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) scores, and on top of that it can clean the air in rooms up to 60m²!



Xiaomi Mi Home (Mijia) Air Purifier Pro EU

Large area coverage and excellent cleaning capabilities

Are you happy? How do you measure happiness? Does it include staying healthy by eating organic food and exercising regularly? And how about the air you breathe? Don’t you think that knowing that you breathe clean air will make you healthier and thus happier? For most people this is, unfortunately, a part they tend to skip.

Mi Air Purifier Pro is a culmination of the entire previous purification tech Xiaomi did into one easy to use product. It will make your home healthier as it holds a high-precision laser to detect the smallest pollutants, boards one of the sharpest OLED displays you have ever seen, has one of the best Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) scores, and on top of that it can clean the air in rooms up to 60m²!

  • 500 m3/h CADR
  • new air boost system
  • applicable area 35m² — 60m²
  • OLED display
  • smart app control
  • high-precision laser sensor

Harmful particle removal CADR — 500 m³/h

Mi Air Purifier Pro is equipped with an advanced air pressurization system that allows to change air in your room 8 times an hour! That means the air is rushed through the purifier every 7.5 minutes. Mi Air Purifier Pro features 360 degree air intake system that reminds of an “air tree”. It absorbs unhealthful debris like dust or PM2.5 particles and emits clean air. This air purifier does its job so well you would not want to go out and wstay in your personal in-house grown forest.

Renewed aerodynamic pressure system

Mi Air Purifier Pro works very quiet so it can be used at night without disturbing your sleep. And the secret for that lies in the improved filter construction. The axial fan and the air duct were combined that helped not only to reduce the noise but also create a smoother and stronger air flow.

Multi-level air filtering system

The air you breathe has a great power to influence your health so getting an air purification device with an advanced filtration system is a must. Mi Air Purifier Pro uses three-stage filtration process as effective elimination of germs cannot be made in one step. This device is capable of reducing any health-threatening particles like hairs, pollen, dust and much more serious allergens like PM2.5 or formaldehydes.

Primary filtration grill to fight larger suspended particles

The first stage of filtration involves capturing big particles like human hair and dust. The grill is made out of PET (saturated polyester) thus it tough, acid-adaptable and oil-repellent. After several months of usage the grill will still be effective catching troublesome pollutants.

TORAY air filter to get rid of airborne 0.3 micron particles

The filter made by TOREY engages during the second stage of filtration. It allows to neutralize contaminants less than micron in size, like PM2.5, which that are a major concern. It has a small wind resistance resulting in practically no noise and thus making it perfect for night operation.

Activated carbon filter to wipe out formaldehydes and odors

The carbon filter does a great job of removing odors. You can place Mi Air Purifier Pro in your kitchen and get rid of unpleasant aromas fast every time something burns in the oven or when you forget to take out the trash. This purifying unit is also great if you have messy pets in your house as pet odor can linger for a long time and it takes a lot of effort to make your habitat smell neutral again. Mi Air Purifier Pro is also helpful in places where repair works are being done and in the bathrooms.

Clears spaces of about 60m² — a small footprint but a big impression room

You probably have one or two places where you feel most comfortable and happy, like your room, your office, the café you always visit on Thursdays, the art gallery etc. They may free your mind from worries waiting behind their walls, but can they guarantee safety inside them when it comes to air quality? Finally there is a purifier that covers bigger area and is suitable for every of the above places. Comparing to a previous generation it features superior purification that can be applied in 60m² rooms!

OLED-display shows accurate real time indoor quality

The Mi Air Purifier Pro is equipped with a numerical OLED-display that gives you the most current information on the concentration of harmful microorganisms in the air, humidity level, temperature, Wi-Fi settings and then some. The purifier also supports sleep mode when the display would dim itself at nighttime not to ruin your sleep.

Three-color indicator informs on the quality of air

A multiple color indicator that looks like a colored rim around the edges of the display will tell the actual air quality and will be red if the quality is bad, orange — if it is good enough and green if the air is healthy again. Mi Air Purifier Pro also has an auto mode that senses the air pollution in your room and adjusts its settings to enhance its effectiveness.

  • PM2.5 < 75 μg/m³ — the air quality is excellent, the green color is up
  • 75 < PM2.5 < 150 μg/m³ — the air quality is fair, the orange color is up
  • PM2.5 > 150 μg/m³ — the air quality is poor, the red color is up

Adaptive display brightness to match surrounding lighting conditions

Mi Air Purifier Pro keeps up with the rhythm of your life. It is able to detect the ambient environment and make the display brightness lower in the evening and at night. Even when it gets dark the display will be still easy on the eyes to read.


Not a single germ will hide from Mi Air Purifier Pro

For the past 10 years air purification technologies have evolved very much. If we go back to the year 2000 we will see an air purifier as a bulky and expensive piece of tech that produces an annoying humming sound forges to handle your 20 square meter room. Today the air purifiers are lighter, quieter and better. Mi Air Purifier Pro is a great air purifier not only because it has powerful filters or 360 degree air flow design but also because it sports a super sensitive laser that can see every molecule in the macroworld larger than 0.3 microns and successfully destroy it.


Design that meets your home’s aesthetic standards

Design may not be the biggest concern if you are looking for an air purifier but it is a device that is kept indoors so it better match the surrounding environment. Mi Air Purifier Pro comes in white color, with a qualitative plastic design, 73.5 cm height and a weight of 9.7 kg. You can easily move it around you house and it is perfect for large rooms.


Smart control with MiHome app

MiHome app allows to have a full control over the Mi Air Purifier Pro no matter where you are. It brings a lot of much-needed functions, making the unit more comfortable and easy to use. When you are in the office see how the air quality changes in your house throughout the day and schedule automatic switch-on time so that when you get back home the whole flat welcomes you with fresh and clean air.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model MiJia Air Purifier Pro
Type Air Purifier
Dimensions 735×260×260 mm
Weight 9.7 kg
CADR(Clean air delivery rate) 500m3/h
Application area 35m2~60m2
Screen OLED display
Wireless connection WIFI module 802.11b / g / n
Sensor Laser particle sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor
Power 1,5~66W
Function Automatic mode
Light sensor
OLED display
Sleep mode
Child lock
Favorite mode
Wind speed regulation
Compatibility Android, IOS
Color White
Package MiJia Air Purifier Pro x1
Filter x1
Power cable x1
Guarantees x1
User manual x1
User manual PDF

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