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Xiaomi Mi LED 4K AI Smart TV 4S 65-Inch (163.9cm)


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  • 4K+HDR
  • Motion smooth
  • Dolby + DTS
  • 64-bit Quad-Core Processor
  • Plenty of Ports
  • All-Metal Body


Coming Soon...

Xiaomi Mi LED 4K AI Smart TV 4S 65-Inch (163.9cm)

4K Ultra-HDR Picture Quality
Natural, true-to-life image, so you won’t miss a single detail
Upgraded graphics engine, Uncover each detail

Motion Smooth
No high-speed motion blur for sports broadcasts and gaming

Dolby + DTS Dual Decoding
Sound you can feel, for an immersive experience

Officially approved by Netflix and Prime Video
Official approval from two major platforms ensures top-quality content

Google Assistant
Android TV now comes with you Google Assistant built in

Smart Home Control
Easy voice control brings efficient, smart technology to your life
With Chromecast, you can project your phone’s screen to your TV
Full-feature Android TV operating system

64-bit quad-core processor for faster processing, large 2GB + 8GB storage for more apps
Bluetooth 4.2, low power consumption
Wi-Fi supports 2.4GHz / 5GHz

All-Metal Body
Precision Technology, Beautifully Designed

Plenty of Ports
Satisfies all your business and entertainment requirements

  • LAN – Connect to the Internet
  • HDMI × 3 – Connect to your computer or game console
  • USB × 3 – Connect to a USB
  • AV Input – Connect to a set-top box
  • Headphones – Connect to earphones
  • Optical – Connect to fiber


  • Large 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM internal memory: Because the operating system takes up memory, actual available capacity is less than the total storage capacity specified
  • There may be a negligible variation in the dimensions of the actual product from those specified
  • The latest version lets you disable the “Smart Update” option (enabling is recommended) to cancel automatic ROM updates. To improve our service to you and better understand your AI system, some of your existing apps will be automatically updated
  • Supports HDR
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